Holistic Coach and NLP Practitioner

I am here to support you in creating shifts in life and business for emotional & location freedom, abundance and purpose.


F = Free your past

Let go of anything that is no longer serving the life and business you want to create!

R = Reprogram your mind

Learn the power of your brain and how you can use it to create anything you desire!

E = Explore your values

Unlock your potential, find out your strengths and what you stand for!

E = Establish success habits

Create habits for sustainable success and fulfilment!

D = Design your lifestyle & project

Become liberated by creating your passion project which allows you the lifestyle which fits your personality and allows you to have time and location freedom as well as balance.

O = Operate from abundance

Learn how to attract & create abundance

M = Make your transformation sustainable

Walk away with self coaching tools you can use for the rest of your life for continued success, freedom and fulfilment!

Fulfilled Living

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Create impact and income with your unique gifts. Live location independent.

Learn how you can live a freedom-based life, according to your core values!

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How to create your dream lifestyle and business using the power of your mind!

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