I’m Alexandra Zuber

Certified Professional Coach (ICF) & Business Psychologist (B.A.)
NLP, EFT & Hypnotherapy Practitioner and TIME TECHNIQUES in Training (International Board of Coaches & Practitioners + ICF)

My mission is to empower and guide you to create your dream life and biz by unleashing your potential and getting rid of everything that holds you back.

My modalities include:

-Professional Coaching Skills (ICF accredited)


-Mindset Practise and Energy & Universal Principles

-Online Business and Freelancer Experience and Knowledge

-A background in Business Psychology

Unlock Your Full Potential.


Find emotional freedom and become liberated by living your purpose and making an impact & income from your passion.

Are you ready to live your true and best self?

Are you done with the cubicle life and cold winters?

Do you crave a life of freedom and purpose?

Do you dream of traveling the world or working online?

Are you just sick of following someone elses rules and want to make your own decisions and have a bigger impact with your work and in your life?

Are you tired of standing in your own way of your dreams?

Do you just want MORE in life than the conventional and mediocre work and lifestyle?

Ways to work together

1:1 Coaching

Intensive Program for 3 months.

SIGNATURE FRAMEWORK for your Emotional & Location FREEDOM

 Free your past

Reprogram your mind

Explore your values

Establish success habits

Design your lifestyle & passion project

Operate from abundance

Make your transformation last

Intensive Session

90 min coaching call with recording

+1 week e-mail and voice support

+individualized resources

Free Resources

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What Is Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Goal Setting & Action Plan
Together we will map out your specific, positive, measureable, realistic goals in line with your core values. Then we will create an action plan to achieve your goals.
Belief and Mindset Work
Most of why we are not living our best life and let our highest self flourish is due to some old programming of the past.

Powerful coaching and daily mindset work help to overcome those blocks so that you can live up to your highest potential.

Practical Guidance
Want to implement mindfulness and success habits into your life? – I have the tools and techniques for you.

Want to start your online passion project? – I can show you how to find an idea and how to market yourself online.

I offer material so you always know what you need to do.

Holding space & Transformation
I listen to you actively. I hold space for you and guide you with powerful questions through your transformation to your best and most fulfilled self.
Accountability to reach your goals
We set weekly goals and I hold you accountable to them both in our sessions but also through daily voxer support.

About Me

I am a Certified Professional Coach, Business Psychologist (B.A.), Digital Nomad and Freedom Advocate.

My core values are growth, freedom, universal love and contribution. It is my mission to make an impact in the world and many lives. I believe it starts with ourselves hence I am so passionate about coaching because I think it creates a ripple effect.

I care about the environment and I am a vegetarian. In my free time, I love to travel, spend time with friends,  do yoga or body workout, try new sports such as surfing. I am also very passionate about personal development and spirituality. I love the ocean and try to be there as much as possible.

I grew up in Germany, spent a year in Australia doing Work & Travel, a year in Canada on a study abroad and traveled as a Digital Nomad in South America, Mexico, Brazil, Greece and Thailand.

If you want to read more, check out the “About” Section: (http://alexandrazuber.com/about/)

You can find my articles about psychology, mindset, digital nomad lifestyle, spirituality and more on my  medium account: www.medium.com/@AlexandraZuber

You will find the rawest version of me on instagram:


You can always shoot me a message and say “Hi” 🙂


“I see immense value in the coaching sessions I have had with Alex. It is obvious that Alex really cares about making a meaningful impact in the lives of the people she works with. She consistently asks thought-provoking questions, and by listening and asking questions she led me to discover for myself what my top values are. 

When I met Alex, I wanted to start a career transition and I felt like I was underachieving. She helped me decide to make new habits and priorities that are taking me towards my long term goalswant to be more location independent and at the same time I want to find work that is more fulfilling, so it has been very useful to be coached by Alex who has been successful in both of those areas already. 

In the past, I had many ideas, but my near infinite curiosity meant too many distractions, many unfinished tasks, and many unattained poorly defined goals. It has been important for me to discuss the directions that I want to go and to break goals down into manageable pieces with appropriate time frames. In the past I would start too many things, and I didn’t finish many of the tasks were really important to meI felt I was having fun in life, but I wasn’t making the progress I knew I was capable of, and I lacked any regular daily routine. In these respects, it has been even more useful than I expected to have someone work with me as an accountability partner. 

By sharing the daily habits and priorities I set for myself via a shared google sheet I created, I forced myself to think about the habits I wanted, track them daily and re-evaluate them monthly. Just by sharing them and being held accountable by Alex I felt obligated to think critically about my choices and follow thru with what I told her I was going to do.

Alex is very thoughtful and full of useful ideas related to being more productive, and also being a more effective communicator. Although I live in Asia and we are separated by 6 time zones, she has always been flexible and we have never had difficulty scheduling sessions. She is also flexible in terms of how she can help. One session I unexpectedly took the conversation towards a new issue, and Alex gave me some valuable ideas.

When I met Alex I could tell she was thoughtful, caring and full of wisdom If you are looking to make meaningful and lasting positive changes in your life, and/or you want to learn how to also help others I would strongly recommend Alex as an ideal coach who will help you lead a more fulfilled life!

Justin Simpson, United States 6 months coaching client

English Teacher

“Before I started to work with Alexandra,  I felt depressed. Some days I didn’t want to leave my bed, I didn’t want to stop dreaming as I knew my dreams were better than the reality I was in. My past experiences proved to be very toxic, so I was intoxicated by those memories. The weather didn’t help either, as I lived in London and I didn’t see any way to escape the grey city.

After three months of getting coached by Alex, I am working towards my goals, traveling more often, and the feeling of depression and intoxication is only a memory. I am more mindful and healthy. I am still in the progress of achieving the goals I set out to achieve, but I feel I am a lot further than I was when we started, and most importantly, I am feeling good and enjoying the journey. 

Alex is very kind and understanding. She helped me by gently encouraging me towards a more positive and active way of thinking. She is a great listener and empathizes easily. She was very good at building a strong connection despite using only Skype calls as a medium. Every achievement I got during our coaching session was warmly welcomed and I could see in her eyes that helping me was her passion and that my goals were hers.

Despite that, I understood that a life coach can only listen and support, but ultimately you are the captain of your own ship, and you are the one who has to direct it. But having a coach definitely makes it much much easier and faster: Alex jumped on my ship when it was in the middle of a storm and I can say, with a smile, that waters are a lot calmer now. I’d suggest this wonderful coach to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and live a happier life.

Riccardo P., 6-months coaching client

Business Owner

10/10 – I was very satisfied with what we worked on within the coaching session. I was very happy Alex had found lots of strategies, resources and techniques and ideas to help me with my confidence and it felt like she had made a real effort to answer my questions and tailor the session to me specifically.  

I felt a bit nervous about my new business venture. After talking to Alex I gained confidence and became very optimistic. I wanted to go off and put the different strategies and tips into practice. I feel like I have many new skills under my belt now and I feel better equipped to progress with my business.

Alex encouraged me to gain confidence and gave me the skills and lots of resources to keep working on this as a daily activity. Alex has a warm, friendly demeanor and she made me feel safe and supported during the coaching session. 

Melissa K.,

Art Therapist

Online Coaching Resources

How to start your freedom lifestyle - Video Training

Get clarity:
-Why do you want this freedom lifestyle
-What is your vision?
-What are your core values?
-How you can visualise it to make it happen?

Success Habits - Workbook

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