“I went from feeling insecure, confused and out of place in my career to finding the courage to own my truth, start my coaching business and becoming more confident.

Alex is an incredible coach. Thanks to her I decided to start my career as a coach. She helped me overcome the insecurities and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. She encouraged me to show up, be seen and to take action towards my dream life.
Before working with her, I didn’t have clarity about what I wanted to do in my professional life, and now I know exactly what I want, how I want it, and I feel in my body that I deserve it!

Alex has supported me in so many different ways. She has great knowledge and experience regarding how the subconscious mind works and she also provided be with different healing techniques. She gave me the expertise and tools I needed to become the best version of myself and to trust the process. With her I have always felt heard and understood, and I have always felt that she authentically cared about my process and dreams.

Alex is a very committed coach. I love Alex’s energy and approach because she makes you feel safe and hold. She makes things easy. She is caring but at the same time she pushed me to actually do the work and to overcome my own limitations.

I will be forever grateful for her support, energy, and commitment to my growth.

If you are thinking about working with Alex, I cannot recommend her enough! Just do it! 100%!

Laura Marques

Former Employee, now entrepreneur, 6-months coaching client, Spain

From stuck to mindset and routines reset


What I loved most about working with Alex was having a personal support system to keep me on track with my goals. I never experienced this level of personal support in my entire life and I can now say that its effect is positively profound.

Before I started my coaching with Alex I felt stuck, like I had tried to make progress on my own only to repeatedly fail and feel increasingly discouraged as a result. I decided to hire a coach because I doubted my ability to change on my own and realized I needed help to get out of my rut.

There were a number of tangible results from working with Alex, but probably the biggest one for me was the general system reset it provided by recalibrating my daily mindset and routines. Working with Alex gave me the boost I needed to get unstuck and the tools I need to keep moving forward.

Alex helped prove to me what’s possible – that I am capable of change through the consistent practice of specific, improved habits. She helped break down the scary transformation I was avoiding into manageable parts: simple exercises to create powerful mindset shifts, new habits to replace old habits, and methods to hold myself accountable.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex to anyone that is feeling hopeless, disempowered, or lacking a clear direction and path forward. Alex is an empathetic, non-judgemental, firm support system. She listens with heart and guides with intellect. She customized her approach to offer me an individually tailored coaching program. She placed as much emphasis on the importance of addressing my present struggles as resolving my past traumas in order to achieve my short- and long-term goals. She also constantly furthers her own education as a Coach so she almost always has something new that she has learned to share in each session.

Working with Alex over a longer period of time like a year would be a blessing, and certainly transformational. At least for me, change happens in baby steps with setbacks in between. Having Alex repeatedly nudge me towards my goals would ensure my setbacks are shorter-lived so that I stay on course longer and reach my goals faster.

The worksheets & resources Alex provides added immense value by serving as a permanent extension to her coaching. In between our sessions, they facilitated my implementation of everything we had worked on together. Changing habits requires significant effort, but I found that the priming and starting points provided by the worksheets created a path of least resistance that ultimately increased my rate of success. I am so grateful that she grants unlimited access to these resources once private coaching is complete, and that they are available to me as much and for as long as I need them. They are versatile tools that I may continue to rely on in different phases of a lifelong pursuit to be the best version of myself. The ability to return to these resources, again and again, ensures that Alex’s wisdom and coaching will have a lasting impact on me beyond our private sessions and my transient memory of what we discussed in them. I thank Alex for openly sharing these resources and her tips on making the best use of them.

Daphne Lemonis

Employee, 4-months coaching client, USA

From lack of clarity to emotional and location freedom 


I loved working with Alex, especially the constant reminders (with tools and on our calls) to reflect your own actions. Alex can support in a broad variety of topics which helped as I needed coaching in both business but also personal matters. She did a great job of combining the two according to my needs.

I wanted to get coaching support because I was in a transition between two major projects as well as needed clarity on my next steps. Additionally, it was important for me to get better tools to work more effectively and purposefully.

Even though I always had this in focus, an external perspective of it was important to me.

As a result, I organized my daily routines with effective tools to track them which was especially important to me. This in combination with the daily MIT planning helps me to spend effective working days. I can simply do more. If I had to describe the coaching in one sentence, I would say “Back on track”. The most important thing, I think, is the realization that a coach helps to put one’s blind spot in the light and to look at oneself. That was and is very important for me because I invest a lot of time in personal development and you easily succumb to your ego that you are on the right track. Especially if you always achieve the same (undesired) results, I think you should seek external advice.

I really liked the tools and that Alex prepares the individual sessions very well and always had a suitable exercise at hand that took me further.

Often, and this is terrific, I had the AHA- moment myself and she didn’t just tell me something that I should do but just guided me with the right questions and exercises. That’s the great art of coaching, thank you for that, Alex.


Christian Roth

Serial Entrepreneur, 4 months Coaching Client, talkREAL.org, Germany

From overwhelm and lack of clarity to fulfilling and location independent career


I see immense value in the coaching sessions I have had with Alex. It is obvious that Alex really cares about making a meaningful impact in the lives of the people she works with. She consistently asks thought-provoking questions, and by listening and asking questions she led me to discover for myself what my top values are. 

When I met Alex, I wanted to start a career transition and I felt like I was underachieving. She helped me decide to make new habits and priorities that are taking me towards my long term goals. I want to be more location independent and at the same time I want to find work that is more fulfilling, so it has been very useful to be coached by Alex who has been successful in both of those areas already. 

I am getting closer to achieving those goals, and I am back living in Vietnam and planning to do a lot more than just teach English.

In the past, I had many ideas, but my near-infinite curiosity meant too many distractions, many unfinished tasks, and many unattained poorly defined goals. It has been important for me to discuss the directions that I want to go and to break goals down into manageable pieces with appropriate time frames. In the past, I would start too many things, and I didn’t finish many of the tasks were really important to me. I felt I was having fun in life, but I wasn’t making the progress I knew I was capable of, and I lacked any regular daily routine. In these respects, it has been even more useful than I expected to have someone work with me as an accountability partner. 

By sharing the daily habits and priorities I set for myself via a shared google sheet I created, I forced myself to think about the habits I wanted, track them daily and re-evaluate them monthly. Just by sharing them and being held accountable by Alex I felt obligated to think critically about my choices and follow thru with what I told her I was going to do.


Alex is very thoughtful and full of useful ideas related to being more productive, and also being a more effective communicator. Although I live in Asia and we are separated by 6 time zones, she has always been flexible and we have never had difficulty scheduling sessions. She is also flexible in terms of how she can help. One session I unexpectedly took the conversation towards a new issue, and Alex gave me some valuable ideas on how to best communicate with my Mom for what was going to be an important but difficult conversation.

When I met Alex I could tell she was thoughtful, caring and full of wisdom. We had many great conversations and learned about our mutual passion for helping others, leading healthy lifestyles, reading great books, and personal development in general. If you are looking to make meaningful and lasting positive changes in your life, and/or you want to learn how to also help others I would strongly recommend Alex as an ideal coach who will help you lead a more fulfilled life!


Justin Simpson

English Teacher and Entrepreneur, USA


 From insecurity to confidence in my business



10/10 – I was very satisfied with what we worked on within the coaching session. I was very happy Alex had found lots of strategies, resources and techniques and ideas to help me with my confidence and it felt like she had made a real effort to answer my questions and tailor the session to me specifically. 


I liked the fact that it was tailored specifically to my needs and it felt like it was the right approach for me. I also liked the gently pushing asking me to come up with an answer to the questions I needed to find answers to. It encouraged me to think outside my current way of thinking.


I felt a bit nervous about my new business venture. After talking to Alex I gained confidence and became very optimistic. I wanted to go off and put the different strategies and tips into practice. I feel like I have many new skills under my belt now and I feel better equipped to progress with my business. Alex encouraged me to gain confidence and gave me the skills and lots of resources to keep working on this as a daily activity. Alex has a warm, friendly demeanor and she made me feel safe and supported during the coaching session. 








Melissa King, Art Therapist, England

Before I started to work with Alexandra,  I felt depressed. Some days I didn’t want to leave my bed, I didn’t want to stop dreaming as I knew my dreams were better than the reality I was in. My past experiences proved to be very toxic, so I was intoxicated by those memories. The weather didn’t help either, as I lived in London and I didn’t see any way to escape the grey city.

After three months of getting coached by Alex, I am working towards my goals, traveling more often, and the feeling of depression and intoxication is only a memory. I am more mindful and healthy. I am still in the progress of achieving the goals I set out to achieve, but I feel I am a lot further than I was when we started, and most importantly, I am feeling good and enjoying the journey. 

Alex is very kind and understanding. She helped me by gently encouraging me towards a more positive and active way of thinking. She is a great listener and empathizes easily. She was very good at building a strong connection despite using only Skype calls as a medium. Every achievement I got during our coaching session was warmly welcomed and I could see in her eyes that helping me was her passion and that my goals were hers.

Despite that, I understood that a life coach can only listen and support, but ultimately you are the captain of your own ship, and you are the one who has to direct it. But having a coach definitely makes it much much easier and faster: Alex jumped on my ship when it was in the middle of a storm and I can say, with a smile, that waters are a lot calmer now. I’d suggest this wonderful coach to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and live a happier life.

Riccardo P.

Business Owner, England - Italy

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